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Founded in 1999 by Meir Rotfleisch. The Company specializes in Customized Small Business Database solutions using the latest Microsoft Development tools pecifically Visual Basic, with emphasis on off site Data Collection Via Palm Pilot and integration with the office PC/Network .

M.R.R. Computers and Systems Ltd. not only creates custom software solutions for its clients but has also released in the past several user friendly and cost effective software packages such as HandiSales Suite of Applications, ProTime Manager a Scheduling Solution and StockMan an Inventory System Solution.

HandiSales was designed with the salesperson in mind.HandiSales was designed to eliminate writing and copying purchases in the field and then typing them on the PC. HandiSales Palm allows you easy access to both the client list and product list in the field and alows you to create and calculate the order on your Palm (even give discounts !!!) then print the Invoice directly from your PC in the office!!! Give it a try today Download Trial Now

ProTime Manager: is designed to allow businesses easy Scheduling of Workers for internal projects or as a solution for Outsourcing Workers to clients.

StockMan Inventory System: is designed to keep track of Product or Equipment movements in and out of the Stock Room. StockMan Version 3 has the ability to keep track of Stock taken on Consignment and even calculate payments due suppliers.

The founder and CEO Mr. Rotfleisch has over 20 Years experience in Electronics and Computer Sciences and has used his knowledge to train hundreds of programmers over the decades. With over 20 years experience in programming Mr. Rotfleisch has used ,and taught, all versions of Visual Basic,MS Access and is involved in helping other developers through various Visual Basic and Access Users Groups.

M.R.R. Computers and Systems Ltd. offers a full service which include all stages of the project (planning,design,
implementation and training).
Please feel free to contact us, without obligation, to see how we can solve your Computing Needs.

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March 1, 2010

Product Launch Protime Manager Version 1

ProTime Manager V1.0 specially developed to help Business Owners keep track of Workers and Projects.Know where your workers are at all times. Automatically calculate work hours and TimeSheets per worker or to bill your clients for workers assigned to them. Manage Long term projects using "Recurring Project Definitions" and handle special weekly requirements. Free Trial Version available for download

July 4, 2008

Product Launch StockRoom Version 1

Version 1 of StockRoom was released today. Mr. Rotfleisch explains that the software is specially designed for small companies who need to keep Inventory. StockRoom allows the user to keep track of products, or even expensive equipment, movements from the stock room. StockRoom Inventory Management System allows the user total flexibility in defining products in the store room based on Product Families. The system is also pre-set to track different type of Inventory activities such as Stock In,Damaged Stock,Stock Supplied to Customer and also allows the user to add Inventory Actions of their own.

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April 4, 2008

M.R.R. Computers and Systems Awarded Top Coder Award

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